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This guidance establishes the process by which MOChA strives to address complaints regarding MOChA and/or its authorized schools. MOChA takes seriously, considers and reviews allegations of illegality or failure to meet generally accepted standards.


The complaint must identify the complainant – MOChA will not investigate oral or anonymous complaints – and provide a method of contact.

MOChA will acknowledge receipt of the complaint.

MOChA will conduct a reasonable inquiry for the purpose of verifying whether the allegations provide sufficient evidence to establish the alleged violation(s) of law or fiscal mismanagement.  The extent and manner of the reasonable inquiry is at MOChAs discretion. If the reasonable inquiry provides sufficient evidence to establish the alleged violation(s) of law or fiscal management, MOChA will notify the school and require action as necessary and appropriate.  If the violation requires mandatory reporting to law officials, MOChA will immediately contact the appropriate authorities.

The information contained in the complaint generally is considered public information unless it is classified by law as private information, such as data about individual students. In addition, the identity of the complainant may be classified as private if the complainant is an employee reporting a violation, suspected violation, or planned violation of state or federal law, or if a law classifies their identity as private.

The length of the reasonable inquiry will vary depending upon the scope, complexity, and specificity of the complaint.  MOChA will make effort to respond in writing to the complainant within thirty days. 

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