Transfer a School

Change in Authorizer (CIA) Application

MOChA considers charter school change in authorizer requests through a formal application process. The Charter School Change in Authorizer Application is reviewed based on statutory requirements and the terms and conditions set forth in the commissioner-approved MOChA Authorizer Approved Plan (AAP).

The process for a Change in Authorizer is established in Minnesota Statute §124e.10, Sub. 5.

  1. The current authorizer and the school board must jointly submit a written and signed letter of their intent to the Commissioner (MDE) to mutually not renew the contract.
  2. Upon request from the proposed authorizer, the current authorizer that is a party to the existing contract must submit to the proposed authorizer all requested information about the fiscal, operational, and student performance status of the school, including unmet contract outcomes and other outstanding contractual obligations.
  3. The Charter Contract between the proposed authorizer and the school must identify and provide a plan to address any outstanding obligations from the previous contract.
  4. The proposed authorizer must submit the proposed Charter Contract to MDE at least 105 business days before the end of the existing charter contract.

Questions regarding the MOChA Charter School Change in Authorizer Application process should be directed to:

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