Start a School

New Charter School Applications

MOChA considers new school applications through formal application processes.  The New Charter School Application is reviewed based on statutory requirements and the terms and conditions set forth in the commissioner-approved MOChA Authorizer Approved Plan (AAP).

The process for applying to MOChA to establish a high quality charter school is five step:

  1. New Charter School Letter of Intent
  2. Initial Interview
  3. New Charter School Application (by invitation)
  4. Interview
  5. Decision

The Letter of Intent (including instructions) is available upon request ( and at:  The New Charter School Letter of Intent and Interview are intended as a guide for organizations/individuals interested in submitting an application to MOChA to start a charter school. The Letter of Intent should not be an initial exploration of ideas but rather a summary of a thoughtful and cogent plan for how the proposed school will develop and implement a high-quality program for students.  Questions regarding the MOChA Letter of Intent or New Charter School Application process should be directed to:

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